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How can you make a piece of wood furniture beautiful without getting into a varnish nightmare? You don’t want to paint it and cover the beauty of the piece, but stain never really looks natural. The answer may be by using teak oil, which is why we have endeavored to find the best teak oil available for your needs.

Contrary to some popular opinion, teak oil does not come from teak wood. It is a specialized product involving multiple oils and other additives to protect and restore the natural beauty of your wood product, deck, or antique boat. But with so many oils on the market to choose from, let alone the vast assortment of teak oils, how can you find the best teak oil available?

We gathered 10 teak oil products for your perusal and laid them out to help you identify the best teak oil for your own projects and needs.

Comparison Table

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Teak Oil FAQ

1. What Is Teak Oil?

2. What Is Teak Wood?

3. How Is Teak Oil Different From Other Options?

4. Why Do People Use Teak Oil?

5. How Do I Apply Teak Oil?

6. Can I Just Use a Commercial Sealer?

How We Reviewed the Best Teak Oils

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The following products were reviewed based on the subsequent parameters: Features, Price, Where to Buy, and Durability.

We tried hard to consider a buyer’s individual needs in purchasing the best teak oil. From the antique boat owner who needs to restore his entire craft to the dad who wants a moisture barrier on his pool furniture, there is a teak oil for all buyers.

Overall Price Range

Understanding the price range for teak oils can be a bit tricky because products come in a variety of sizes that leads to a variety of prices. it also takes experience with teak oil to gauge how much will be needed to finish your project.

Generally speaking, teak oil bought in a 16-ounce quantity run roughly $1 per ounce. Some are available well under that dollar figure, and some run over $1.50 per ounce. As expected, buying larger portions naturally decreases cost per ounce. Be sure to read each product instruction carefully to conclude how much oil you will need for your product – remember not only surface area but also the number of coats – and find the best financial deal based on your preferred brand and quantity needed.

What We Reviewed

  • AquaTeak Premium Teak Oil
  • Rust-Oleum Watco A67141 Teak Oil Finish
  • Star Brite Premium Golden Teak Oil
  • Interlux YMA016/1L Premium Teak Oil
  • Minwax 471004444 Teak Oil
  • TotalBoat Teak Oil
  • Briwax Teak Oil
  • Daly’s Wood Finishing Products Seafin Teak Oil
  • Boatlife 1088 Teak Brite Advanced Teak Oil
  • Bare Decor Premium Golden Teak Oil

aquateak premium teak oil

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AquaTeak is a brand that already has name value, and the value of its AquaTeak Teak Wood Oil is equally if not more impressive. We found the AquaTeak product was useful at both enhancing the wood’s beautiful grain and also restoring its color.

As one of the best teak oils on the market, AquaTeak Teak Wood Oil is able to penetrate deeply, and that allows it to invigorate even weathered wood. It also has a fast dry time

At a fair price, this teak oil can also be used in combination with AquaTeak Cleaner on teak or other woods to restore the beauty of the wood while combating against further weathering.

durability: 3/5

rust-oleum watco a67141 teak oil finish

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Rust-Oleum’s Watco A67141 Teak Oil Finish is an effective oil for dense woods such as teak, mahogany, and others. It can be used for interior or exterior wood.

Allow eight hours for drying time, and your wood product will be beautiful, UV sturdy, and moisture resistant, making it useful on a boat or pool items. Simply rub it in with a work cloth and wipe away any extra.

Watco A676141 Teak Oil is affordable and does a solid job.

durability: 2/5

star brite premium golden teak oil

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Star Brite offers another quality teak oil to seal and protect your best wood with its Golden Teak Oil. Made of premium ingredients, Star Brite Golden Teak Oil can bring out your woods natural tones and color.

It is specifically designed for longevity by utilizing UV absorbers. It is a fast-drying teak oil that combats sun, stains, and acids.

For best results, begin by cleaning your wood. You may want to use a Star Brite combination by pre-treating with Star Brite’s teak cleaner or brightener. Then brush or rub on Star Brite Golden Teak Oil. Based on the condition of your wood, you may want to use two coats.

Reapply as needed or immediately upon noticing any weathering.

durability: 3/5

interlux yma016/1l premium teak oil

No products found.


Interlux YMAO16/1L Premium Teak Oil combines linseed oil and tung oil to create a useful teak oil product. It is noted for its finish that is very easy to clean.

Interlux YMAO16/1L is able to penetrate even moist wood, making it ideal for pool decks and boat furniture. However, it is equally useful indoors.

durability: 3/5

minwax 471004444 teak oil

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Minwax’s 471004444 Teak Oil is designed to penetrate deep into wood pores to restore a natural appearance to wood.

This Minwax product is useful indoors and outdoors. It needs to be reapplied periodically to remain UV resistant and moisture protective.

Apply periodically to refresh your dense woods and help protect them from UV rays.

durability: 2/5

totalboat teak oil

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TotalBoat Teak Oil is a quality product that enhances wood’s beauty and adds protection from harsh elements. Unlike many teak oils that boast specifically of treating dense woods, TotalBoat tackles hard and soft woods.

Marine wood is particularly in need of teak oil, and TotalBoat boasts a “boat show” glow. Any wood susceptible to moisture is an ideal candidate for TotalBoat Teak Oil. This product preserves the wood’s natural appearance without exaggerating its characteristics.

As one of the best teak oils available, It is easy to apply and typically includes an application brush with your purchase. Wait up to 30 minutes before removing excess to ensure deepest penetration.

You may benefit from more than one coat depending on the condition of your wood. Use mineral spirits for cleanup.

durability: 3/5

briwax teak oil

No products found.


Briwax products are known for their use of Australian and New Zealand-based beeswax used in many products. Teak oil is a common product in those regions for Rimu wood, Kwila wood, and Kauri wood.

Unlike other teak oils, the Briwax product is a hardening oil. It dries to form a durable waterproof finish. Many believe they also combat daily dirt and grime better than wet oils.

It is typically used on outdoor furniture, especially those prone to moisture. A minimum of two coats are required, and more can be added to increase the final gloss and protection.

Briwax offers a spirit-based dye that can be used to pretreat your wood. It enhances the wood’s color before the hardening oil protection is added.

durability: 3/5

daly's wood finishing products seafin teak oil

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Daly’s Seafin Teak Oil is a low-sheen product used to protect interior and exterior wood from moisture and wear.

This product is not afraid to protect the areas that receive the most wear and tear, such as doors and rails. It is tough against chips and cracks.

It also boasts a non-slip finish great for decks and overall water repellency. It will not chip, crack, blister or peel. It is excellent for polishing and maintaining varnished finishes, or refurbishing and touching up worn surfaces. It also serves as a polish on surfaces already varnished.

durability: 3/5

boatlife 1088 teak brite advanced teak oil

No products found.


Boatlife 1088 Teak Brite Advanced Teak Oil is a state-of-the-art teak oil and sealer. It is known for its long-lasting protection.

This Boatlife product should only be used on dry wood. It is suggested to wait 24 hours between coats. You can also use it in tandem with Life-Calk seam compounds.

durability: 2/5

bare decor premium golden teak oil

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Bare Decor’s Premium Golden Teak Oil is a fine wood solution to weathering, sun, and moisture damage. Bare Decor makes a line of teak and other wood products, so it is a natural consequence that they also offer a fantastic teak oil.

Bare Decor Premium Golden Teak Oil uses natural oils along with high-molecular-weight polymer to protect your wood products. It is useful on indoor and outdoor wood.

To use, clean and rinse your dirty or weathered wood. Be sure your wood dries completely before adding Bare Decor teak oil with a clean rag or brush. Pour directly onto cloth or dip your brush; do not pour oil directly onto the wood.

Let the teak oil sit five minutes to penetrate wood before removing excess. Two applications per year is usually sufficient for your wood products.

durability: 4/5

The Verdict

Discovering the best teak oil is an undertaking that must be done with different buyers in mind. Your needs and preferences are different from any other buyer, and your wood products are different too.

For instance, teak oils with more linseed oil are typically darker than those with less. One buyer may prefer the darker oil and another may prefer the lighter. One buyer may be most concerned with his wood’s sheen and another with the visibility of the natural grain.

Some seek protection from moisture and other from the sun. So what is the best teak oil? If forced to settle on one overall teak oil, we would be tempted to go with Bare Decor Premium Golden Teak Oil.

Bare Decor’s product meets the needs of many shoppers with quality protection against sun and UV, moisture, and weathering. Dealing in teak wood products, they have skin in the game and a reason to excel.

Its use of polymers makes it an advanced option, and the price point remains very reasonable. Whether indoor or outdoor, you cannot go wrong with Bare Decor Premium Golden Teak Oil.

Finally, with the thrifty buyer in mind, a tip of the hat is due to Rust-Oleum’s Watco A67141 Teak Oil Finish. To their credit, they don’t pretend to be the best teak oil ever made, but they offer a quality product an unbeatable price point.

The results of Watco A67141 Teak Oil are beautiful wood with strong UV and moisture resistance on indoor and outdoor wood products.© Incomestorage

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